About: Many Microbe Microarrays Database (M3D)

To create a growing knowledgebase of uniformly normalized gene expression profiles with consistently annotated experimental metadata.

Release Schedule and Build System

Expression compendia in M3D are versioned to indicate the underlying mysql schema of the database and to denote the particular set of expression data (e.g. E_coli_v4_Build_6 uses mysql schema version 4 and is the sixth compendium built for E. coli). Builds are maintained in perpetuity, allowing researchers to specify the exact dataset used for a particular analysis.

Citing M3D

Faith JJ, Driscoll ME, Fusaro VA, Cosgrove EJ, Hayete B, Juhn FS, Schneider SJ, and Gardner TS. Many Microbe Microarrays Database: uniformly normalized Affymetrix compendia with structured experimental metadata. Nucleic Acids Research 2008

Curators and software developers

M3D is maintain by Jeremiah Faith in the Immunology Institute and the Institute for Genomics and Multiscale Biology in the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. The software, database, and curation were developed by members of Timothy Gardner's laboratory (Michael Driscoll, Frank Juhn, Stephen Schneider, Elissa Cosgrove, and Boris Hayete) then in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Program in Bioinformatics at Boston University

Comments and Suggestions

send to Jeremiah Faith (jeremiah.faith@mssm.edu)